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The Perfect Wedding; Get Over It!

The Perfect Wedding

The day has finally arrived! Your wedding day! You are so overwhelmed with so many different emotions; you can hardly control your excitement. You have been planning this day for the greater part of a year (if not more), and it’s finally here. All your hard work has finally paid off! You know your wedding day will be PERFECT! And then – The wrong flowers arrive! Ah! The horror! Eh, not really.

Yes, you plan and plan and you imagine perfection on your wedding day. Guess what? No wedding is perfect. Things just have a way of happening. The secret is to let go and enjoy your wedding day regardless. Crazy thought huh? Embrace the mishaps, and don’t let it ruin the most important day of your life. Trust me, I’ve been there.  My wedding was a few years ago (4 to be exact), and just like any other excited bride, I wanted to plan the perfect wedding – and I did – it was perfect for us. When the wedding day arrived, I didn’t want to worry about little things. I did my best to plan a great wedding, and when the day arrived, I left the final outcome to the universe! Let me tell you, the universe is quite the little comedian. Let’s just say that my husband called me from the wedding venue, and told me that the venue had been decorated for Christmas (even though my contract stated that would happen after our wedding), and there were life size nut crackers at every corner (This is 100% real life, lol. This actually happened). Did I freak out? Nope!  I laughed and sipped my champagne as I continued having my make-up and hair done. I told him to ask the venue to remove them, and if they didn’t, I guess, we would have some additional plastic guests attending our wedding. In the end, the giant nut crackers where removed, and the (non) crisis was averted, but the important thing is, I didn’t think that my wedding day was ruined.  I didn’t have a meltdown, and/or tuck into the fetal position thinking that my life was over! Haha (I just pictured this)! It just wasn’t that serious.  I knew things would go wrong and I embraced that. Why? Simple; I was about to walk down the aisle to marry the love of my life. We were there to proclaim our love, respect, and unity to each other in front of our closest friends and family, and nothing was going to ruin that moment. That moment was the perfection I needed. It seems that more and more this sacred moment is not what is focused on, and it almost takes a back seat.

Yes! I wanted a beautiful wedding (and that it was), but having the wrong color napkins or up lighting was not going to overshadow the reason why we were all gathered – and, it didn’t. Don’t let the details consume and muddle the real reason why you are having a wedding. A wedding is for two people to embrace their love and become one – and everything else is secondary.