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Film Photography | Canon AE-1

A Little Bit About Film Photography and Me!

There is something so amazing and timeless about film photography! The depth of color, the amazing contrast – it’s just something that has always brought a smile to my face.

The camera in this picture has been documenting my family’s life for over 34 years.. That’s right! My father bought this bad boy the day my sister was born. It has since followed us through every road trip, family vacation, sporting event, and graduation. Every time I look back through old family albums, I literally imagine my father with this camera hanging around his neck, snapping the pictures.

This camera, and of course my father, are pretty much the reason why photography was always such a big part of my life. It was super important to him, and in turn, it was super important to me. I was always a bit of a daddy’s girl – what can I say? As I got a little older, my father bought me a film camera of my very own. Although I loved my camera, my one true love, was his old AE-1.

When me and him really got deep into film, we decided to take it to the next level. So we did what anyone else would do – we converted our 2nd bathroom into a fully functioning dark room! Lol! We would spend hours upon hours in there developing and enlarging pictures. It always amazed me how I could snap a picture, and then actually put it on paper all by myself.

It’s been years since I’ve shot film! I’ve always said that if I ever decided to start shooting film again, it would only happen if my dad would give me his AE-1. A couple of weeks ago, he came to visit and spend some time with me in Orlando. Guess what? He brought me the AE-1! Sure, I’ve spent the last year slowly persuading him, but he finally gave in! I told him it was just a loan, but we both know, that’s not true.

I cannot wait to post some filmy goodness from this baby!

Canon AE-1 for film photography.

  • Olga Lewis

    I can’t believe he let it go!!! I love this camera and I love the memories that it will forever hold!ReplyCancel

    • acasais3

      I know!! I can’t believe it either lolReplyCancel

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