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Orlando Photographer – Penelope Anne

Documenting Penelope Anne’s Adventures!

Last night, I was talking to my sister, and she pointed out that it’s been two months since I’ve posted an updated picture of Penelope Anne. So, I promised her, that today, I would snap a few pictures of my favorite little lady.

Penelope Anne is now 17 months! I can’t even believe it. I used to never pay attention when people with kids would say, “Don’t blink! It goes by so fast!” – but umm, yeah, that statement should be written in stone somewhere. It’s CRAZY that she’s almost a year and a half! Every day that passes, she shows me a new skill that she’s learned, and I’m left in complete disbelief. It’s just insane how much she observes and analyzes everything that’s going on around her.

At 17 months, she has a big personality and an even bigger attitude. She’s as sweet as can be, but don’t deny her a cookie, or you will feel her wrath. Her favorite past time is riding her motorcycle, and riding her horse – Daddy. She recently discovered cookies (that’s why she has the cookie wrath), and it’s her absolute favorite snack. At daycare, they give her franks and beans, and that is her FAVORITE food. When she sees baked beans, she gets oddly excited. Lol! She cannot get enough of the disney channel. She loves loves loves Mickey Mouse and Sophia the first. She’s gets super excited when we go to Disney World, and sees the characters walking around! She’s a little cautious at first, but her curiosity takes over, and she quickly warms up to them.

I know we always say this, but this little lady has absolutely changed our lives. She’s only been around for a short time, but I can’t remember a life that didn’t include her.. <3 <3 <3

Orlando Photographer with Daughter, Penelope Anne



  • Diana

    Gorgeous litle and beautiful! girl amazingly beautiful photo! <3 🙂 <3ReplyCancel

  • Olga Lewis

    I love her!!! Thank you!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    Awww so beautiful written. I love it. Love you both.ReplyCancel

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