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On Sunday morning, when my husband Paul came home from work, he had a beautiful bouquet of red roses <3  I don’t care who you are, if you are a girl, you absolutely love opening the door to a man standing there with flowers. It just never gets old. Call me romantic, call me traditional, call me whatever you want, just bring me flowers. =)

After some early morning family bonding, we decided to jump in the car for a quick road trip. We headed down to Ft Myers beach, to meet up with Paul’s parents. Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to play dress up with my baby girl. She decided she wanted to rock a retro sheek look for the day, and I, of course, complied. =P

This is Penelope’s second time at the beach, and she absolutely loves it. She crawled up and down the whole beach, splashing water and eating sand. Just seeing her trying to explore the beach on her own, kind of made a little knot in my chest. I know she’s only 8 months, but it just seems that every time I blink, she keeps getting bigger and more independent. Why can’t I just keep her this little forever =(  Oh, the silent cries of a selfish mother. Lol.

We headed back home on Monday night, with way too many snacks in the car. Lol. I seriously have zero self control when it comes to road trip munchies. =)


This little girl right here as very quickly stolen my heart. She is my world and every decision I now make in life revolves around her. It is because of her I decided to pursue my passion in photography. When I’m old and silver haired, I want her to look back at my life and feel like she can pursue all her dreams  (just like mommy).

I’m so excited to share all her adventures with you! I’ll be posting all about her journey towards becoming a big girl, on what I’m now calling “The Penelope Chronicles”.

Never a dull moment with this one. <3